Penguin Cafe Orchestra (Remastered 2008)


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As with 'Music From The Penguin Café' this record is the product of lengthy research and collaboration, being, as the sleeve notes state: 'Recorded at the Penguin Café between 1977-1980'.

This eponymous record features the same core musicians as 'Music From The Penguin Café', but with several new players that Simon had met in the late 70's.

The record was made on Tascam 8-track at Hippodrome Place, Simon's new studio. Subsequent recording took place in various studios after pieces were transferred to 24 track tape.

A benchmark for film-makers, TV producers, advertisers and choreographers who share an enthusiasm for the PCO, 'Penguin Café Orchestra' includes 'Telephone and Rubber Band', 'Yodel 1', 'Steady State', 'Numbers 1-4' and other well-exploited pieces.

In 1981 the PCO began to flourish as a concert orchestra, featuring most of the musicians involved in the recording and incorporating many pieces from this record in their repertoire.

It was a very important and successful 'second album'.

Track Listing:
1. Air a Danser
2. Yodel 1
3. Telephone and Rubber Band
4. Cutting Branches For a Temporary Shelter
5. Pythagoras's Trousers
6. Numbers 1-4
7. Yodel 2
8. Salty Bean Fumble
9. Paul's Dance
10. The Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas
11. Walk Don't Run
12. Flux
13. Simon's Dream
14. Harmonic Necklace
15. Steady State

Catalogue no: EEGCD 11/077 7 87449 2 4/ CAR1543 (US)

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