Matter of Life... PLAY BUTTON


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Our 'Matter of Life' playbutton is a limited edition wearable pin badge that you can plug your headphones in to to listen to our newest album on the go.

The badge measures 4cm and weighs a mere 10g, and comes loaded with our Matter of Life album.

It is supplied with a usb charger and full instructions.

Headphones not included.

'Matter of Life'

Penguin Cafe is a continuation by Arthur Jeffes of the ideas and music that his father, Simon Jeffes the English composer and musician, created with the enduring and ever-evolving concept of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

During the last two years they've been touring and playing the original music and adding a few new pieces as they emerged. This record is a collection of some of these pieces.

Track listing:
1. That, Not That
2. Landau
3. Sundog
4. The Fox and the Leopard
5. Finland
6. Pale Peach Jukebox
7. Harry Piers
8. Two Beans Shaker
9. From a Blue Temple
10. Ghosts in the Pond
11. Coriolis

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